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Who we are

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Our story... a fight worth fighting. A Journey towards legality

The Cooperative was born in 1993 when we, a group of unemployed youth from Baia, decided on a voluntary basis, and with the consent of the Comune di Bacoli, to reclaim a degraded piece of the coastline namely the beach underneath Baia Castle.

This beach had long been the site of lots of beach activities and in particular, in the 1960s and 1970’s, it hosted summer camps. But in 1980, after the earthquake, and, following the temporary occupation of the castle by people made homeless by the quake, the beach was abandoned; left to the mercy of the sea and summer visitors. Unattended, the whole beach was soon hidden under a startling amount of  garbage and weeds.

And so we started coming by boat everyday, doing the hard work of clearing the beach by hand, using hoes and shovels and rakes. As the work finished, local people started asking us to be taken out to the beach and if it was possible to rent umbrellas and beach chairs. 

So we decided to found a cooperative that could handle the services needed to develop a seaside business. Even with the all the difficulties- bureaucratic, economic and legal- we were determined and there was no giving up. We did everything that was necessary to be legal and finally, in March 2006, we were granted the title to the concession by the local authorities.

As the business has grown, the Cooperative has been able to invest money in all the improvements, licenses and equipment necessary for success. So, today, in place of the abandonment and neglect of such a beautiful place, the Cooperative declares our commitment to the custody and guardianship and the maintenance of the “Spiaggia di Baia”!

We -formerly unemployed and young- have become over the years men and fathers of families. On our own initiative we have improved a piece of our local environment and today we continue our work to guarantee the conservation of that environment.

Spiaggia Castello di Baia

Via Lucullo, 75

80070 Bacoli (Napoli), Italia


Tel.  Luigi 333 262 92 53


Our services

• FREE parking
• Ferry to/from the beach
• Restaurant and Pizzeria
• Events and parties


8.00am - 6.00pm

Ristaurant - Pizzeria
open for lunch and evening from 1 June (8.30pm)

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